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Wellbeing Insights

Kindness Cascade

How many people will you engage with today or tomorrow? 5, 10, 100, more? How many of them are close friends or family members, and how many of them are merely acquaintances? One study conducted at the University of British Columbia in Canada, found that adults over 25 years of age directly interacted with an average of… Read More
When considering the matter of ‘truth’ it becomes apparent that there is the kind of truth which relies on facts and figures and there is personal truth which is contextual and shaped by past and present experiences. Neither is mutually exclusive, and each has its place in my view. Too often ‘objective’ truth is upheld… Read More
Wellbeing Insights

Three Key Questions Adolescents Ask Themselves

I would like to think I have some understanding of the challenges and joys of being a teenager in today’s society. However, I also appreciate that I cannot fully comprehend or fathom what it is really like to be a Gen Z or iGen teenager. So much has changed compared to when I was a… Read More
“Some of us are ground crew – holding lines, building fires, dreaming dreams, letting go, watching the upward flight. Others of us are bound for the sky and the far edges of things.” Robert Fulghum Thinking about this quote from Robert Fulghum, it became apparent that both sets of people are vital to the wellbeing… Read More
Wellbeing Insights

H.O.P.E. – Helping Other Possibilities Emerge

I suspect we all appreciate how powerful the feeling of hope can be to individuals, families, and communities. Within the field of wellbeing research Hope is viewed as a combination of a belief that it is possible to work toward desired goals (often referred to as ‘agency’) and an ability to imagine different practical ways… Read More
“There is no perfect on this planet” Maria Sirois, Happiness After Loss.   If we really believed this statement, and objectively, who would disagree, then we would not have so much striving, falling short and shame. All of us, subject to the human condition, are imperfect. Semantically of course, to be perfect is to be… Read More
Wellbeing Insights

Three Aphorisms in One!

Let’s start with the three similar but different aphorisms: Hurt people, hurt people. Healed people, heal people. Growing people, grow people. Before we explore each of these sayings, let’s first remind ourselves that an aphorism is simply an observation which contains a general truth. Of course, there are clear exceptions and other possibilities to each… Read More
Wellbeing Insights

Toxic Positivity or Positive Reframing?

I heard the term toxic positivity used recently and found myself curious – and I’ll admit, a little defensive – about the difference between this and a term I choose to use, positive reframing. Clearly the former has negative connotations and the latter – dare I say it – has positive connotations! I take toxic… Read More
Wellbeing Insights

One of two reasons

What makes you smile? I wonder what comes to mind for you as you ponder this question? Maybe your first thought was being with other people – family, friends, colleagues, or pets. Maybe your mind turned to nature and spending time in the great outdoors, experiencing emotions such as awe and wonder. Maybe your mind… Read More