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Wellbeing Insights

Three Aphorisms in One!

December 2023
— Reading Time: 2 minutes

Let’s start with the three similar but different aphorisms:

  • Hurt people, hurt people.
  • Healed people, heal people.
  • Growing people, grow people.

Before we explore each of these sayings, let’s first remind ourselves that an aphorism is simply an observation which contains a general truth. Of course, there are clear exceptions and other possibilities to each of the above three statements. I also suspect that all three variations are relevant to me, and I hope the wisdom that lies within these aphorisms can inform and guide my future actions.

Hurt people, hurt people helps me to nurture compassion in challenging times. When I have felt hurt, or wronged, leaning into the possibility that the offender may be hurting, encourages me to respond rather than react to a given situation. In contrast, when I have hurt someone, I try to  explore if I have hidden pain and wounds that may be contributing to my hurtful behaviour. Of course, certainly not all hurt people, hurt people. It is also very common for people who are hurting to endeavour to ensure other people do not suffer in the same way, and therefore they learn from their wounds and became excellent at listening, empathising, and loving.

This leads us to healed people, heal people. Inherent in life are varying forms of pain, hurt, and trauma. And, the most common response to trauma is resilience. As humans we possess an incredible capacity to be resilient, to successfully adapt to difficult or challenging life experiences. Sure, the process of resilience can take time, it can be ongoing, and it can require both internal strength and external support. So powerfully, given that there are most likely circumstances from which we are healed, we have the capacity to heal others – through our support, our compassion, and our understanding.

The third aphorism, growing people, grow people, is one we’ve created due to its relevance for our work here at my manifesto. Through completing a sequence of structed steps and inquiry-based exercises, our clients find themselves growing in wisdom. Equipped with a personal manifesto, one can then aspire to live their authentic life and find an ease and a comfort in decision making. Invariably, this level of personal growth, inspires people to help support, engage, and nurture others.  We have personally felt and observed growing people enable the growth of others.

What are your nuanced views on the above aphorisms?  Or maybe you have a fourth related saying? We hope these phrases provide rich wellbeing insights for you.

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