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Book Recommendations

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

The sub-title creative living beyond fear sums up this book beautifully.  Have you ever felt scared about putting one of your ideas into action, or of creating something new, or of actually believing in yourself and your ideas?  Elizabeth Gilbert, renowned author of Eat, Pray, Love, shares wise and inspiring insights to help us all to be… Read More
Acts of Kindness

Gary and the Trombone

My husband, Gary, is a musician who has been involved, in some way, with music throughout his life. As a Senior, he recently announced that he was taking up the trombone! His first instrument is the guitar, followed by keyboard and voice. He has had no formal music tuition; he was attracted as a teenager… Read More
Wellbeing Insights

The Acorn Theory/Individuation

We have Chris Mackey, principal psychologist at Chris Mackey and Associates, to thank for introducing us to the concepts of Acorn Theory and Individuation of Carl Jung. Recently, Chris was the guest speaker at the launch of my manifesto. In correspondence with us, Chris wrote: “[in my address] I’ll likely focus on Jung’s notion of… Read More
Manifesto Musings

From Manifesto to Mantra

It has been some months since I worked with my coach and completed my personal manifesto. After I received it, I noticed how soothed and focused I became when I visited the words. I also noticed that I zoomed in on particular words when those words met a particular need I may have had at… Read More
Book Recommendations

A More Beautiful Question: The Power of Inquiry… by Warren Berger

Warren Burger is a renowned journalist who shares stories of artists, teachers, entrepreneurs and social activists. His book has the potential to hold the interest of many people from a wide range of contexts, whether it be part of reading for a course or simply for general application. One cannot deny its relevance to the… Read More
Acts of Kindness

Do You Need a Doorstop?

Earlier this year our daughter started the next chapter of her life, which involved moving out of home and commencing her university degree. Understandably there was excitement, trepidation, and a roller coaster of emotions in the lead up to the big move. Fortunately, for my wife and I, our daughter was quite clear on what… Read More
Wellbeing Insights

Carrot and Stick

Wendy Tuohy of The Age, on 14th March, in Parents warned against ‘carrot and stick’ writes of an insight by Alyce Kirk, (a mental health nurse of thirteen years) when dealing with patients, “Don’t try and manipulate [patients],” she says. “You actually have to have a communication with them and give them a bit of… Read More
Book Recommendations

The Measure Of My Days: One Woman’s Vivid and Enduring Celebration… by Florida Scott-Maxwell

The one woman who writes this series of meditations/reflections, was 83 at the time of writing. She was a playwright and a Jungian analyst of formidable intellect and presence. Her observations and conclusions, will not suit everyone, but her very point as indicated in her subtitle, is that this individual thinks this way; this individual… Read More
Acts of Kindness

Lindsay and the Magpies

Lindsay is a person who features in my walks on a Saturday. He is 86 years old and sets up his wares on the nature strip in front of the block of units in which he lives. His wares are predominately the plants he has propagated from cuttings. Is it a Pelargonium or a Geranium… Read More