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Wellbeing Insights

Kindness Cascade

How many people will you engage with today or tomorrow? 5, 10, 100, more? How many of them are close friends or family members, and how many of them are merely acquaintances? One study conducted at the University of British Columbia in Canada, found that adults over 25 years of age directly interacted with an average of… Read More
Manifesto Musings

Our Seven Steps

We make the claim in our upcoming book, My Manifesto: a compassionate guide to reveal your best life, that the seven steps will minimise internal conflict; help you navigate life; build hope; raise your awareness of what is important to you; provide greater clarity in your life; uncover rich personal insights and assist you to… Read More
Book Recommendations

Breath by James Nestor

It might seem peculiar to recommend a book on the science and art of breathing – surely this is something we simply sub-consciously do. Personally, I feel I’ve got a pretty good grasp of breathing and haven’t skipped too many breaths over the past 55 years! However, there were three combined elements which encouraged me… Read More
Acts of Kindness

Checking In

In recent times, my parents have experienced the regular loss of loved ones. Very sadly, many of their close and long-term friends are passing away. Both Mum and Dad are in their 80s, and I suspect it must be somewhat common for anyone in their 80s and 90s to be all too familiar with the… Read More
When considering the matter of ‘truth’ it becomes apparent that there is the kind of truth which relies on facts and figures and there is personal truth which is contextual and shaped by past and present experiences. Neither is mutually exclusive, and each has its place in my view. Too often ‘objective’ truth is upheld… Read More
Manifesto Musings

Strengths Development

At my manifesto we are passionate about introducing individuals to the common language of character strengths. We think of character strengths as the positive human qualities that, when used effectually and morally, support us to bring good into our world. These universal tools support us to live a good life, and we view these strengths… Read More
Acts of Kindness

Two Privileges

The first privilege I experienced in the last week or two, was an opportunity to have a special conversation with a wonderful human being who made the decision to stop all treatment for her terminal illness, apart from palliative care. Her loving family had purchased a guided book experience for her from my manifesto and… Read More
Wellbeing Insights

Three Key Questions Adolescents Ask Themselves

I would like to think I have some understanding of the challenges and joys of being a teenager in today’s society. However, I also appreciate that I cannot fully comprehend or fathom what it is really like to be a Gen Z or iGen teenager. So much has changed compared to when I was a… Read More
Manifesto Musings

No Man Ever Steps In The Same River Twice

A client of my manifesto, when conversing on his personal manifesto, was prompted by our comment that a personal manifesto is both ‘stable and dynamic’, to offer this quote by Heraclitus: “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man”.  When referring to… Read More