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Manifesto Musings

An unexamined life is not worth living

This statement is attributed to Socrates. How it resonates with us at my manifesto! It is a powerful statement and as with many such statements, it has many implications. Who would ever say that their life is not worth living? Is it not life a gift by any reckoning? Yet, as Socrates dictates – and… Read More
Book Recommendations

The Space Between The Stars by Indira Naidoo

I finished reading The Space Between the Stars by Indira Naidoo, known to many of us a broadcaster and television presenter of current affairs and news programs, on my 71st birthday. I was acutely aware this is 22 more years than she had with her sister Stargirl, who unfathomably died of suicide. The grief in… Read More
Wellbeing Insights

How was your festive season?

Interestingly this year as I headed into my 7th decade of life, I noticed changes in my ability to surf the bustling occasions that accompany this season. What would have been a sought-after situation – many opportunities to share stories, food and drink – in my younger years, became onerous. I would like to think… Read More
Manifesto Musings

Guiding You At The Crossroads

My personal manifesto continues to provide me with clarity, comfort, and confidence, on an almost daily basis. However, where it has really come to the fore has been when it has provided me with wisdom and guidance as I have found myself standing at the crossroads. Historically and literally speaking, the crossroads have been a… Read More
Book Recommendations

From Age-ing to Sage-ing by Zalman Schachter-Shalomi

What an empowering title for a book! Who wouldn’t want to be ‘sage-ing’ as we age?  Zalman Schachter-Salomi and Ronald S. Miller, rabbi, and writer respectively, introduce us to the rich concept or eldering, or sage-ing. We live at a time in Western society, in which as we age, we are labelled ‘elderly’ with all… Read More
Acts of Kindness

Healing Relationships

I enjoyed reading a title by Zalman Schachter-Shalomi & Ronald S. Miller, namely From Age-ing to Sage-ing. It provided the insights and the motivation for me, as a sage-in-training (which I call myself with a deprecatory smile), to complete an act of kindness. Using the terminology of the book, my act of kindness took the… Read More
Wellbeing Insights

Disability Is A Part Of Being Human

Almost everyone will temporarily or permanently experience disability at some point in their life. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), an estimated 1.3 billion people or about 16% of the global population currently experience significant disability. Last week, as our manifesto delivered a Workplace Culture workshop to a team of Behavioural Analysts, the CEO… Read More
Manifesto Musings

Laser Direction

We really thought about who would greatly benefit from the my manifesto experiences but might be challenged by the time involved or potentially deterred by the financial outlay required. One answer was a young adult who is setting out in life and may not be entirely sure of the direction which they might wish to… Read More
Book Recommendations

The Upside of Stress

Kelly McGonigal PhD is a health psychologist and lecturer at Stanford University. Her TED talk on the upside of stress has received more than nine million views. Wow! This says a lot about the huge interest there is in this subject. The bad rap given to stress, is met full on by McGonigal; universally, and… Read More