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Virtual Event

Meet the Founders

Would you like to hear from, and chat with, the founders of my manifesto? Sue and Justin will be online to share their hopes of bringing the gifts of clarity, focus and inspiration to people’s lives. In particular, the cofounders will discuss the why, how and what of the important ‘co-creation’ process that happens within the production of each unique manifesto.

Come and learn more. Come and ask questions. Come and get to know us.

We look forward to meeting you.

Virtual Event

Chat with a Mate

Come and enjoy a yarn with your fellow my manifesto mates. Through harnessing the intentional skills of Mindful Listening and Mindful Speaking you will participate in a meaningful conversation.

In this session, our focus will be representing one’s signature strengths as a creative expression of their manifesto. Justin and Sue will discuss how signature strengths use can energise individuals and they will share examples of several my manifesto mates who have created strengths shields.

Come along to share and to learn.

Virtual Event

Meet an Author - Susan Biggar

We are delighted to welcome Susan Biggar, author of The Upside of Down, to present to our my manifesto mates. We featured a blog on Susan’s book earlier this year and feel that the sharing of her story is in great alignment with our work at my manifesto.

You may like to learn more about Susan from her website, and check out many of her writing pieces under her Publications menu. Susan is a passionate community minded individual who cares deeply about mental health and wellbeing. She was the inaugural chair of the Family Advisor Council at the Royal Children’s Hospital, and is the National Engagement Advisor at the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.

Susan will talk to us about what living authentically means to her. We will hear snippets of her story, her challenges, and her incredible health advocacy work. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions. We hope you can join us!

Virtual Event

Thank you for attending our Launch Gathering

Thank you to our friends, family, colleagues and interested community members, for joining us for our very special my manifesto launch! We are so appreciative of your support and your best wishes.

In particular, warm thanks to our guest speaker, Chris Mackey, for his historic and scientific journey into leading figures who have deeply explored the concept of living an authentic life. Below you will find several audio recordings highlighting different parts of our launch.

Audio: Justin – “I believe…” 5:41

Audio: Sue – “What do you make of this…” 5:22

Audio: my manifesto trial testimonials 3:11

Audio: Chris Mackey – “An Authentic Life” 10:09