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What events would you like in 2023?

Please send us an email or contact us via this website and let us know what sort of my manifesto events you would like to attend in 2023.

We can:

  • schedule opportunities for people to chat with Justin and Sue to learn more about our experiences.
  • provide an opportunity for my manifesto mates to chat with one another regarding the successes and challenges of living an authentic life.
  • explore specific topics related to our work, for example: Forgiveness, Self-Compassion, Habit Formation, Boundary Setting, Gratitude, Values Alignment and more…
  • invite special guests: authors, psychologists, researchers to share their wisdom and knowledge.
  • invite people who have completed their manifesto to share their experience and their final product.

Let us know and we will try and make it happen for the benefit of our growing my manifesto community.

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2023 Events - Coming Soon

Virtual Event

Our recent Meet an Author event with Susan Biggar

Recently, Susan Biggar, author of The Upside of Down, presented to our my manifesto mates.

From our own impressions of the occasion and the feedback we have had from you, it was a very enjoyable evening. Susan was open-hearted, authentic, and generous. We all felt her genuineness and her warmth. Her story is both a celebration and an acknowledgment that so many things in life are out of our control, but the attitude she chooses to take is encapsulated in her question, ‘How do I reframe this positively so that it works for me?’

Her story is no feel-good Pollyanna one; she shared with us that she was currently experiencing a set-back personally but all of those who have read her book, The Upside of Down, (and please do pick it up and treat yourself) will not be surprised that she came to speak to us anyway. Not only did she come, but she let us see her emotions; they were there but held in check by the strength of her commitment to see this through in much the same way as she sees life through: ‘If not me, then who?’

Thank you once again Susan for joining the my manifesto community and choosing to speak with our banner at your back.

Virtual Event

Recordings from our Launch Gathering

Thank you to our friends, family, colleagues and interested community members, for joining us for our very special my manifesto launch! We are so appreciative of your support and your best wishes.

In particular, warm thanks to our guest speaker, Chris Mackey, for his historic and scientific journey into leading figures who have deeply explored the concept of living an authentic life. Below you will find several audio recordings highlighting different parts of our launch.

Audio: Justin – “I believe…” 5:41

Audio: Sue – “What do you make of this…” 5:22

Audio: my manifesto trial testimonials 3:11

Audio: Chris Mackey – “An Authentic Life” 10:09