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Wellbeing Insights

Are You Living Your Manifesto Life?

July 2023
— Reading Time: 2 minutes

One of our my manifesto mates remarked that they had a visceral reaction when they realised they were living an important aspect of their manifesto life. The moment crept up on them; they were experiencing an event when they found themselves ‘tearing up’. Why was this?

After some reflection, they realised that their awareness had been raised when they did the work of co-creating their personal manifesto with us. They recognised that the event experienced was at the heart of their best life statement. Their tears were their body showing them what that meant to them, the importance of it.

Our mate had not consciously chosen the event, that moment to experience what they knew was important to them. Nevertheless, they recognised its importance in the moment.

You may have chosen to sit with your manifesto and not (consciously) take action to bring it to life each day. Conversely, you might deconstruct it and actively plan the step or steps that you need to take to live it, fully and intentionally, each day.

What ever you do, our mate’s comment and reaction to a ‘seminal’ moment in their life may also happen to you. If you are in the former group – sitting with it – you may find yourself in the middle of a life event and suddenly realise that this is a glimpse of your best life, your manifesto life. May we suggest, savour the richness it brings.

If you are in the latter – proactively applying your identified steps – and you see your steps evidently inching you towards that full, rich, abundant life that you have imagined, your visceral recognition – the goosebumps, the tears – are your reward for work well done.

The benefit of allowing life’s events to ‘happen to you’ is apparent when there are clearly so many occurrences which are beyond your control. Allowing and accepting, may well be the ‘smartest’ approach. You may save yourself the wheel-spinning energy-wasting time which many of us expend when we fight against such realties.

However, in the areas over which we do have control – our attitude, our decisions, living our manifesto life – it is worth exercising that control mindfully. Worth it? Yes, worth it to ourselves. The joy of the realisation that this is me living the height of my goodness. This realisation is hard to beat in its nourishing effect on our wellbeing. We have the opportunity of multiplying those moments, the rapturous ones, significantly. And why wouldn’t we?

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