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Manifesto Musings

The Next Challenge – Staying Unlocked

June 2022
— Reading Time: 3 minutes

This blog, our 25th, is to be read in partnership with our 9th blog – Unlocking Humans. In our 9th blog we explored the benefits of being physically and psychologically ‘unlocked’. My chiropractor, Ange, is great at helping to physically unlock some of my vertebrae, and my manifesto (hanging on the wall to my right as I type) is helpful for unlocking and gently guiding me psychologically.

Interestingly, in many ways the ‘easiest part’ for me is going to my chiropractor, the harder challenge is carrying out the daily exercises that Ange provides me with – this requires discipline, habit formation and most importantly motivation.

Back in my early 20s, in my final year of my Bachelor of Education, our inspirational lecturer, Sandy Allen-Craig, invited her friend and motivational speaker, Lisa McInnes-Smith to come and speak to our class.  It would be fair to say that I loved Lisa’s presentation and that many of her messages remain with me to this day, more than thirty years later!  One particular message Lisa shared was how many people think that motivation doesn’t last, and so therefore it’s not really worth all the effort.  She went on to say, it is true that motivation doesn’t last but that is why we need to read our goals each day so we can gain a daily dose of motivation.  Lisa referenced a helpful shower metaphor. In the same way that staying clean doesn’t last, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth the effort to have a shower, it simply means that we will most likely need to have a shower every day (sometimes twice a day!).  Of course, occasionally, it can be fine to go without a shower for a day – particularly if you’ve had a pyjama day.

Your manifesto can become your daily dose of motivation and inspiration to assist you to stay psychologically unlocked. This morning, I focused on the second paragraph of my wisdom statement, which referenced my belief and trust in the innate strengths of others. This had particular meaning for me this morning and synchronistically connected with a TED talk I was recommended to watch titled: How Airbnb designs for trust by Joe Gebbia, cofounder of Airbnb.

The heart-warming reaction from our clients on receiving their uniquely designed manifesto is uplifting for our team at my manifesto.  Every step of the process has been a co-creation between the individual client and a professional coach. However, in some ways, this is the ‘easiest part’.

It is common for one’s motivation to wax and wane, however, commitment and belief can be strengthened and sustained through the regular reading of one’s own words expressed within a manifesto.  Your manifesto is a powerful call to action and can be your daily dose of motivation for moving forward and living a whole-hearted life.

Please know how much we treasure this important work we do with individuals, but now I must go and do three sets of ten of my single leg bridges Ange has set for me.

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