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Manifesto Musings

Unlocking Humans – Helping us to S.E.E.

March 2022
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On many occasions as I have visited Ange, my local chiropractor, I have experienced the benefit of being physically ‘unlocked’. For some reason my L4 and L5 are clearly very fond of one another, so much so that I often discover them locked together, but fortunately due to Ange’s knowledge and skill, after a check-in (or two), I can experience the benefit of being unlocked and once again having a freely moving spine.

Another type of being ‘locked’ comes in the form of being psychologically or emotionally locked. my manifesto clients often report that something is ‘unlocked’ through the professionally guided coaching session where they uncover and express what is deeply important to them.

Why is it common for our bodies to become physically locked and our minds to become psychologically locked from time to time?  I think an answer to this question, is simply, life takes its toll.  Through our common humanity we understand that life is frequently busy, challenging and painful.  We are also born with a negativity bias, where we tend to focus, dwell and ponder more on negative thoughts and events than positive.  Modern society, technology and social media also provide us with a seemingly endless list of choices, messages and tasks to manage.

Supporting an individual to articulate what is important to them, to resolve internal conflicts, to gain awareness and clarity is a key objective of developing a personal manifesto.  Through our carefully crafted experience we endeavour to help humans S.E.E.  and express their authentic selves.

S – Safe: It is vital that an individual feels safe and secure as they communicate their thoughts, feelings, hopes, fears and dreams.  We ensure a non-judgmental environment where there are no wrong answers and where gentle, caring questions help nudge an individual to discover their own internal wisdom.

E – Energised: Having a professional coach listen to your insights and then check-in to ensure you were truly heard is highly validating.  Asking questions that are oriented to the positive, to an individual’s intentions and to what deeply matters to a person often results in an inspiring call to action, which is both energising and uplifting.

E – Emboldened: On seeing the final creation and design of a personal manifesto clients often comment on the courage and confidence it provides them to move forward and to live their authentic life.

The combination of these central elements help individuals discover, or rediscover, a precious key.  This key can open doors and allow a clearer vision of a preferred future.

I must finish this blog, as I know Ange would like me to stand-up and move around before my L4 and L5 get too familiar!  Just as many people around the world experience the benefits of chiropractic (or similar) care, I have no doubt we can experience the psychological benefits of being unlocked through exploring and co-creating our personal manifesto.

Yes, life is busy, challenging and painful; it is also exciting, empowering and contagious!

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