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Wellbeing Insights

Synchronicity: Enjoying the Benefits of Coincidence

March 2022
— Reading Time: 2 minutes

The concept of synchronicity, of noticing “an uncanny timing of events that seems to go beyond pure chance” (Chris Mackey) is an interesting one which brings with it the possibility of meaning-making of a deeply satisfying, personal kind.

In our understanding of synchronicity, the symbolism, or the message one takes from an occurrence, is inherently subjective. As we have pondered this notion, we have allowed ourselves the more wide-sweeping extension, that all meaning-making is subjective. To be sure there are archetypes, frameworks, paradigms, constructs which throughout human history many of us, in common, have invested in. Perhaps they began with someone outlining what to them was a probable theory to explain a seemingly random event or events, and others felt the resonance of the explanation in their own lives.

We are not exponents of anti-science; we prefer to cast ourselves as open-minded. There is room for mysteries beyond science in our world.  We choose to at least consider all rationales and measure them against our ‘way of seeing’. We do find solace and encouragement in noticing what Mackey has termed ‘ticks from the universe’.

We have practised noticing recurring motifs in our days and examining our thinking and actions when they occur, to see if there was a message we could take away. Not surprisingly, we have made many productive links and experienced a rush of joy in their wake. We are not surprised because we have attuned ourselves, our brains, to notice certain patterns, and rather like buying a new car of a certain type which previously we hadn’t noticed, but now proliferates on the roads, we also see our imprinted patterns everywhere and can link these sightings to significant thoughts or moments in our lives.

We are personally happy to embrace a concept that does no harm and brings an updraft for our little personal aircrafts with it!

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