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The Positive Psychology of Synchronicity by Chris Mackey

February 2022
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Chris Mackey is a clinical and counselling psychologist and a Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society with 40 years psychotherapy experience in public and private mental health settings AND he believes in synchronicity. It is an interesting and exciting combination. He defines synchronicity as “the phenomenon of experiencing a striking and meaningful coincidence that connects our inner and outer worlds”.

His book, he writes, is “designed to help you uncover the symbolic meanings behind uncanny coincidences, and especially the ones you experience personally”. We at my manifesto are curious about this premise. It is calling for us to: Stop. Look. Think. What have you noticed? What meaning are you making of it? If the synchronistic message resonates for you, converges with everything else you know, then that is the meaning you take. We like the non-judgmental stance taken here, that this is not about an absolute right or wrong; it is your life, your meaning, and if you make it in integrity, it is the one by which you might really live.

Combine this with your personal manifesto…

We are open to playing with this notion; to notice what is happening around us and to look for numinous signs. Combining synchronicity with your personal manifesto opens up a practice of reinforcing your personal life choices, of reaffirming who you are, and potentially giving you ‘ticks’ from the universe for your wisdom!

Mackey includes autobiographical material in his book to show us how synchronicity can be incorporated as a guide along one’s life path. He has impressive scholarship underpinning his belief. His higher purpose is to promote transformation in the area of mental health.

What an exciting prospect!

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