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Manifesto Musings

No Man Ever Steps In The Same River Twice

March 2024
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A client of my manifesto, when conversing on his personal manifesto, was prompted by our comment that a personal manifesto is both ‘stable and dynamic’, to offer this quote by Heraclitus: “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man”.

 When referring to a personal manifesto as being both ‘stable and dynamic’, we were introducing the paradox of both being applicable to your declaration of wisdom and intentions. Your manifesto may reflect stability in regard to your deeply held core values. On the other hand, your manifesto may reflect dynamism, as you grow in wisdom and as new experiences arise on your journey through life.

To unpack the statement from Heraclitus and explore the connection to a personal manifesto further, the inference is that we, and all things, are in a state of change; that from one moment to the next, (infinitesimally), we, and all things, are different. We change with life’s exigencies, and our priorities change. In the context of my manifesto, this cumulative change may prompt you to revisit your personal manifesto words. Some words may change, some however may stand as the cornerstones of your personal manifesto statement.

This discourse on the concepts of Heraclitus alludes to the Eastern philosophy of impermanence.  At my manifesto we believe that starting with a personal manifesto which you have created AND working with this understanding of change, offers both the stability of a chosen life platform and the dynamism of renewal.

Thank you to our mate who brought this insight to our work. Such thoughtful reflection creates a community of care, the ripples of which spread far and wide.

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