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Manifesto Musings

Like a child crying for the moon

October 2023
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When I was a young girl who was not aware of the reasons for her moods and impulses or who she really was or what she really wanted out of life, I was like a child crying for the moon, for that shiny unattainable object which would always be beyond my reach.

I was reminded of this child most recently, when I rose early on September 29th, to start my day and walked down my driveway to collect the morning paper. As I lifted my eyes, I was met with an awing sight. There in the highest point of the visible sky, in full glory, was a harvest moon, the last supermoon of the year. Immediately beneath it, in direct alignment with the moon, was one clear bright star.

I have written often in these blogs of the importance of synchronicity in my life, that “phenomenon of experiencing striking and meaningful coincidences that connect our inner and outer worlds”. (Chris Mackey) What do I make of this coincidence?

The moon— globular and abundant – was in full glory. Its allure to the child within me, has been a constant throughout my life. It represents what I considered to be out of my reach. The addition of the aligned star was new to me though. Could I interpret that meaningfully also?

The development of my manifesto with Justin has fulfilled me in a way that has been profound. My core values of ‘meaningful work’ and ‘servant leadership’ have been honoured in a way that I had not anticipated.  Through this window to your lives, I have been given the unique opportunity of seeing ‘what you make of this life’. I spoke of this ever-present curiosity of mine as a significant driver of this work at the time of the launch of our website.

In recent times, to make our work more accessible to a greater number of you, Justin and I have distilled our offering into the form of a book. We have made the book all-inclusive of the my manifesto experience, substituting the live coaching with exercises to assist you to self-coach. We have received and enjoyed greatly the words of our ‘road testers’ who have generously shared their reflections when working their way through the chapters of our manuscript.

We submitted our book manuscript to publishers also because we would like to reach a wider audience, to share the 7-step process we have devised, with more of you. We promised you that at the end of your work prompted by our book, you would experience greater clarity, purpose, and authenticity in your life.

On the 28th of September, Justin and I signed a publication contract for this book to be released mid next year.

Can you see what I am making of all this? Is it too much to say that this personal success we have experienced represents the moon, and the aligned star represents us?  I allow myself to take that, to hitch a ride on that star, on the direct course to the moon.

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