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Manifesto Musings

A Manifesto Matters!

June 2023
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Previously, we have written about how crafting a personal manifesto takes time, energy, and commitment. This has contributed to us referring to it as ‘work’. We have also explored the potential benefactors of the work, which include personal growth and insights for the individual, and then the positive ripples quickly extend to an individual’s close family and friends, to communities, and even to future generations. The focus of this blog is to emphasise why we believe a current, unique, and personal manifesto can matter so much to the individual who has completed the work.

The following list of benefits have been felt personally from our ongoing experiences. They have also been expressed to us from the clients we have had the honour of supporting as they complete their work of crafting their manifesto.

Why a manifesto matters…

A personal manifesto can (and from our experiences over the past 18 months we are confident to say, ‘will’) help in the following ways:

  • provide greater clarity in your life
  • minimise internal conflict
  • assist with making difficult decisions
  • uncover rich personal insights
  • raise awareness of what is important to you
  • help you navigate life

We don’t suggest that your manifesto will stop you doubting yourself, provide you with a trouble-free life, eliminate negative emotions in your life, or remove fear from your life…. We believe these things remain in all our lives, because they are simply a part of life, a part of being human.

So, whilst a personal manifesto can’t do many things, we hope you feel the above list of ways it can help, and has helped people, is valid and valuable.

And most importantly, your unique and personal manifesto will foster a sense of hope and a sense of calm. We invite you to carry out your ‘work’ of creating a personal manifesto, and do let us know if my manifesto can support you in any way.

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