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Manifesto Musings

My cri de coeur has been answered

May 2023
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In January 2022 the first blog I wrote for our my manifesto website was Why Craft Your Own Personal Manifesto? In that blog, I spoke of my young womanhood in Broken Hill and the way I had searched for “a guide, a blueprint that would assist me to take the next step in order to live truly.”

The business concept that we co-founded in my manifesto was the fulfilment of that dream of mine together with Justin’s vision, which was “to combine our skills and resources to extend a hand to those who, like that past me, would love and appreciate support in creating their life statement, in expressing what matters to them, in a way that helps them thrive.”

Here we are in May 2023, and we have continued to evolve our combined vision, with its firm philosophical underpinnings of servant leadership, into the current version: a book. We made this decision because we realised that in its form- to- date, which requires a significant investment for individuals – to work one on one with an accredited coach over multiple sessions, to arrive at their current, personal, unique manifesto – our service was out of reach for the majority within our society. We have then, refined, documented, and shared our message through the incredibly accessible vehicle of a book.

In our book, titled A Gift To Yourself – A 7 Step Guide to creating your personal manifesto with a hoped-for publication date later this year, we have distilled our message into 7 Steps with twenty-one exercises, together with a Companion Workbook which provides readers with ready-made templates for them to record and refine their personal insights.

Our vision for this book is that within the covers, every reader will unwrap the process they need in order to know themselves, to be aware of what they stand for and uncover the direction in life they wish to take.

The world in which we live has become increasingly complex. That young woman who walked the streets of Broken Hill in the 1950’s on her existential search for her direction in life, is delighted to say, in collaboration with her friend, Justin, and on the shoulders of the giants who preceded us, we have written the guide she was searching for.

It works for us. We have found what we were searching for.

Because we love it, in the spirit of servant leadership, we offer it to you, to assist you gift yourself with clarity, focus and inspiration.

My cri de coeur has been answered.

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