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Manifesto Musings

Who is this ‘work’ for?

March 2023
— Reading Time: 2 minutes

Crafting your personal manifesto takes time, energy, and commitment, and this is why we refer to it as ‘work’. However, please know that we are viewing work in a very positive, rather than negative, light. When you think of it as work – we hope you think of rolling up your sleeves and getting into it, and we hope you feel inspired to prioritise the time required to do this work. This then raises an important follow-up question – Well, who is this work for?

The immediate answer to this question is YOU. You do the heavy lifting of the work, and you receive the boundless benefits of treasured insights, newfound clarity, and sustained inspiration.  Your personal manifesto is unique to you and can provide you with great focus in good times, and great comfort in challenging times.

Another important answer to our question is YOUR LOVED ONES. As you grow in self-awareness, and advance in living your authentic life, you experience prolonged moments of sincere contentment, along with a deep sense of connection with others. The ripple effects of your work will undoubtedly have a positive effect on your close loved ones, including those in the generation above and below you. This wider view of benefactors leads us to our next and final answer.

Taking a long-term view, a profound answer to our question is YOUR FUTURE GENERATIONS. We tend to find ourselves in a world plagued by short-term thinking which is contributing to many negative impacts on our species and our planet. Long-term thinking, guided by ‘intergenerational justice’, asks us to consider the seventh generation ahead of us as we aspire to become good ancestors. Through adopting a legacy mindset, the work you complete in articulating your personal manifesto can be treasured by not just your children, or grandchildren, but by many generations into the future.

Imagine if you were able to read the personal manifesto of your great, great grandparents. What amazing insights would you be likely to find? We guess there would be many similarities along with important differences. We believe you could gain wisdom and personal understanding of yourself from internalising such a set of documents. At my manifesto, we have had clients who have remarked at the end of the process, “I have asked my family to read this out at my funeral”, and “I look forward to sharing this with my children.”

Yes, co-creating and crafting your personal manifesto requires ‘work’ but there will be many benefactors to your blood, sweat, and tears (Actually we hope there’s actually not too much blood, sweat, or tears – but plenty of deep thought, care, and compassion 😉).

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