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Acts of Kindness

The joy of anticipation

November 2022
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We are currently storing a neighbour’s Christmas present for their eight-year-old son; a new bike! Several weeks ago, our neighbour asked if it would be okay, and then last weekend he arrived with the bike. We found a spot in the shed and covered the sparkling orange bike with an old sheet.

This weekend, my neighbour remarked to me, ‘Gee, I’m finding it hard not to give the bike to Harry!’ I imagined my neighbour on various times throughout the week wanting to sneak into our shed, grab the bike and present it proudly to his son.  Our neighbour has been able to restrain his enthusiasm, but there is no doubt he is looking forward to, if not counting the days down to, Christmas!

We have all felt the joy of giving and the joy of anticipation. To me, the amount of joy our neighbour will internalise over the coming two months as he smiles to himself and pictures his son receiving his bike, is significant. What started as a tiny act of neighbourly kindness, has given me joy and motivation. The smile and thrill on my neighbour’s face, has also sparked me into thinking about this year’s Christmas presents.

There are presents for our own children, our Kris Kringle presents for both sides of the family, and presents for our close friends and colleagues. I look forward to picturing each person in turn and thinking what present could bring them a combination of pleasure, hope and joy.  Is there anything I can make, is there anything that I can order online (if I am prepared enough), is there anything unique that would align with their interests…?

Suddenly I find myself experiencing inner joy as I plan, prepare, and anticipate the upcoming festive season!

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