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Manifesto Musings

Decision-Making and Your Personal Manifesto

November 2022
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We witnessed the clarity that having a personal manifesto affords a client when they shared the following story with us:

They are in their middle years, productively employed in their chosen field, and happily married with two school-aged children. As a result of some public recognition in recent days, they have been presented with a potentially life-altering decision: an opportunity to grow their business, to raise their profile, and climb further up the ladder of achievement.

Their professional pride in excellent work ranks highly in their personal manifesto; indeed, persistent building of a solid base of quality work has assisted in establishing the reputation that is now being recognised by industry peers. What then, is causing them to pause? Why not jump in, back themselves and grow even more?

The other dominate feature of their personal manifesto is the importance of successful and nurturing relationships. How much of them, in a remarkably busy, highly committed career, is available to their partner, their children, their wider family and friends? But, could this take more of a back seat, especially as the greater professional profile will mean more work, more financial return, more professional status?

Out of context, in isolation, the greater career growth opportunity seems like a no-brainer decision. Take it! However, within the framework of their personal manifesto, the statement they have co-created to live the life of which they are proudest, they know that ‘taking it’ will mean less time, less availability, less being present, for the relationships which ground and nurture them.

No matter what the decision is, what is most wonderful in hearing this story from a my manifesto mate? They laid out the ‘right and right’ decision they faced (there is no ethical ‘wrong’ involved) and they paused and reflected, weighing up the decision with the best of themselves as represented in their personal manifesto.

So ultimately the decision, the one they arrive at, is theirs. Our role: admiration for them and joy in the power of our service.

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