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Book Recommendations

Kicking Out The Bucket List by Glenda Mitchell

This book written by Glenda Mitchell has a subtitle which reveals its essential tenet: Living Life With Intention and Passion. Certainly, I don’t think it is possible to read this book without being stirred to reflect, to look at one’s life intently and to decide, am I living it, or just thinking about it? Her… Read More
Acts of Kindness

My Yarn Group

Friendship is such a wonderful act of kindness both in the giving and the receiving. I have become part of a new friendship group. We have come together as a result of attending a very special life movement class. I wrote about this class and the unique human who facilitated it in an earlier blog,… Read More
Wellbeing Insights

H.O.P.E. – Helping Other Possibilities Emerge

I suspect we all appreciate how powerful the feeling of hope can be to individuals, families, and communities. Within the field of wellbeing research Hope is viewed as a combination of a belief that it is possible to work toward desired goals (often referred to as ‘agency’) and an ability to imagine different practical ways… Read More
Justin and I coached each other and co-created our individual personal manifestos when we were developing our initial concept for our my manifesto experiences. Even though we have since both written a current version when developing our book My Manifesto, I still love that version passionately and its phrases still dance around my head and… Read More
Book Recommendations

Pick Your Own Nose by Robert Boddington and Jack Robertson

I hope this book title grabbed your attention, as it grabbed mine.  This is a different type of book recommendation this month, and it is actually a recommendation of an entire series of six children’s books in the ‘Sleep with Kip’ range. This series of books has become my most gifted present for young parents… Read More
Acts of Kindness

Indomitable Spirit: 2

Earlier this year, I wrote about a much-loved mentor and friend of mine — and of countless others who have been ‘touched’ by her in her long, productive life — who experienced a life-changing traumatic health event. What my friend demonstrates to me, epitomised in the title, Indomitable Spirit, is her capacity to rise and… Read More
“There is no perfect on this planet” Maria Sirois, Happiness After Loss.   If we really believed this statement, and objectively, who would disagree, then we would not have so much striving, falling short and shame. All of us, subject to the human condition, are imperfect. Semantically of course, to be perfect is to be… Read More
Manifesto Musings

Healthy Hardship

A central purpose of having a current, unique, and personal manifesto is not to be happy. This may surprise some of our readers, and please don’t think we have anything against being happy – we are big fans of this feeling. We are also delighted when many of our clients report increased levels of calmness,… Read More
Book Recommendations

Whispers of Resilience compiled by Justine Martin

This collection of personal stories of people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), compiled by Justine Martin — who also has MS – and released in 2023, is compelling reading. It not only provides a relatable and reliable means of telling their stories, but it also informs us about this unique condition from the individuals’ point of… Read More