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Acts of Kindness

Ten of My Favourites

November 2023
— Reading Time: 2 minutes

The title of my most recent Acts of Kindness blog was simply Ten! – within it I wrote about ten acts of kindness that I had received on one particular Saturday. It was my pleasure to share the list with our readers, and I also pointed out that I suspected that there would’ve been at least another ten that I potentially didn’t even notice or took for granted.

This week, I am building on the idea of Ten and sharing with you a light hearted list of ten fun ways you, me, we can carry out some fun acts of kindness in the coming week. The source of my list is ten of my favourites from the light and uplifting book by Danny Wallace – Random Acts of Kindess: 365 Ways to make the world a nicer place.  This book was published in 2012 – over ten years ago – and I think I have owned my copy for around eight years.  It is somewhat tattered and dog-eared, but I suspect that it is a good thing!  Just holding the book, as I am now, brings a warm smile to my face. Danny has listed 365 ways to perform an act of kindness, and below I simply share some of my current and past favourites.

  1. Water your plants.
  2. Take your glass back to the bar.
  3. Give your unused board games to a neighbour.
  4. Give someone a shoulder massage (make sure that they want one first).
  5. Fill your pocket(s) with lollypops and enjoy handing them out during your day.
  6. Be the designated driver.
  7. Bring a friend’s pet a treat.
  8. Hold the lift for someone, even if they’re miles away.
  9. Text someone goodnight.
  10. Take a picture of a loved one and then frame it.

And one of my own…

  1. Say thank you to the presenter as you walk out of a talk, a lesson, a workshop, …

My gratitude goes out to Danny Wallace for writing this inspiring little book, and I hope the above short-list provides you with some inspiration along with some fresh imagination to carry out some fun acts of kindness in the coming days. Go well!

P.S. One of Danny’s many light-hearted ones is “Phone Stevie Wonder and tell him you just called to say you love him, too.”

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