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Acts of Kindness

Checking In

May 2024
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In recent times, my parents have experienced the regular loss of loved ones. Very sadly, many of their close and long-term friends are passing away. Both Mum and Dad are in their 80s, and I suspect it must be somewhat common for anyone in their 80s and 90s to be all too familiar with the sadness of losing friends, neighbours, and siblings.

I often wonder how I can best support my parents at these difficult times. On various occasions, I have been able to accompany Mum and Dad to a funeral or a memorial service. To sit with my parents as we collectively join a community expressing their respect and admiration for a loved one has been deeply meaningful for me, and warmly appreciated by Dad and Mum. Recounting happy memories, sharing funny stories, and cherishing the positive impact of those who have passed provides some joy amongst the sadness and heaviness of the present.

Is there more that I can do to express my empathy and compassion for my parents? It feels there is not much that I can do, but recently I have realised that a regular, small, and simple act of kindness – that of ‘checking in’ on my parents – is so deeply appreciated and is certainly something that I can do! This act of kindness is something I endeavour to prioritise and something I feel privileged to give.

Without a doubt, I consider myself blessed to still have my loving parents alive and having the opportunity to check in on them is just one of many ways I can express my love.

In our upcoming book, My Manifesto – A compassionate guide to reveal your best life, Step 6 (of the prescribed 7-Step framework) is titled the Connection Step. Within this chapter there is a focus on considering the many roles you have in your life (parent, son, colleague, neighbour, friend….) and then exploring ways to nurture these valuable relationships. Can we suggest that ‘checking in’ on any person in your life is likely to be deeply appreciated.

We invite you to check in on someone near and dear to you today.

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