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Kicking Out The Bucket List by Glenda Mitchell

February 2024
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This book written by Glenda Mitchell has a subtitle which reveals its essential tenet: Living Life With Intention and Passion. Certainly, I don’t think it is possible to read this book without being stirred to reflect, to look at one’s life intently and to decide, am I living it, or just thinking about it?

Her life affecting illness – sudden and unexpected – drove her to an awareness that she may not have indefinite time ahead of her. Indeed, who does? She urges her readers to wake up to their lives, what they really want to do before they are in a life-threatening situation. She writes passionately of her adventures, those deliberately chosen, and serendipitous, inspiring us to have a go with our own!

Beginning with a ‘Top 20’ of the proverbial bucket list, she realised that she had completed many of them, but most importantly, she had also completed a lot of other challenges and adventures that did not appear on any list! In fact, she staunchly refuses to make a bucket list of her own, convinced that this exercise, and the systematic completion of the tasks therein, would be reductive behaviour for her. Her intuitive choices, from hearsay and taking up random opportunities that arise, fulfil her in ways no bucket list could.

Mitchell’s wisdom gained throughout her lived experiences is considerable. Personally, I find her Looking Forward chapter, with its hard-won insights, a wonderful gift. Each one is derived from the actual experiences we have read about in her book and vicariously lived with her in the retelling. A favourite passage of wisdom for me is:

Before moving forward, it was important for me to make peace with the present and to acknowledge what had happened in the past. To identify the areas where I had gaps, felt as though I had failed or had not done things I had wanted to. To understand how what I had been through in my life had all contributed to my being the person that I am.

The self-awareness, vulnerability, and courage to share with us this heart-felt revelation feels like a very special rapport has been established, like we know her.

For us, at my manifesto, knowing who you are and what you value and allowing this awareness to guide you to live your chosen life is paramount. Mitchell’s self-knowledge, values of courage, grit and determination and life choices are evident. She is a soul sister; enjoy sharing her journey for yourself through reading her book.

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