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Acts of Kindness

Kindness Across the Centuries

August 2023
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Currently, I am fortunate to be enjoying an extended holiday travelling throughout Great Britain. As one travels, there are countless opportunities to be awestruck by amazing scenery, to be inspired by meeting new people, and to be engaged by learning new fun facts. (On a recent walking tour in Edinburgh I learned the history and the difference between the two names Great Britain and the United Kingdom!)  As well as the above opportunities, when travelling there are many chances to perform and receive acts of kindness. Already on our travels, strangers – or new friends – have provided directions, offered advice, shared stories, paid parking meters, taken photos and much more. We have been benefactors of many acts of kindness.

Just yesterday, we visited Dove Cottage, the former home of William Wordsworth and his sister Dorothy, situated in Grassmere and nestled within the stunning environment of The Lakes District, England. William Wordsworth lived from 1770 to 1850 and was a pioneer of romantic poetry which explored the beauty of nature and the joys of life. To spend time in Dove Cottage, which is restored and furnished as if it was 1800; to read in the museum extracts of William’s poetry within the environment within which it was written, and to absorb a fraction of Dorothy’s journals, was inspiring.

As we were leaving the museum, written along the final wall were the following lines from Wordsworth’s poetry:

It made me reflect that Acts of Kindness are far from new – they have been vital and valued across the centuries of time.

I left inspired to seek opportunities to carry out ‘little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and of love’. And I felt grateful for the countless acts of kindness we have received that have either enriched or eased our journey.

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