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Manifesto Musings

Co-creating a Creative Expression

August 2022
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The Creative Expression is the third piece of the Premium Experience and is a true co-creation opportunity. The concept for its design and form may arise at any point, but generally it occurs after the Wisdom and the Declaration. These statements could be at our designers when the Creative Expression is still being generated, or all three pieces may be sent together. Sometimes, the three pieces work as a triptych and complement each other in design elements; sometimes our designers depart from it, depending on the brief. It is a chance for everyone, client, coach, and designers to be creative and innovative.

Our coach usually begins with an idea, colours, and so on and starts the creative ball rolling. The client gives feedback, and the idea develops. The design draft comes from our designers who skilfully and carefully match the brief. The coach or client may suggest minor adjustments before it is finalised. The final designs are all in printable PDF and JPEG form. The client has the opportunity then to display their designs in any way they choose.

Examples of my manifesto Creative Expressions are:

  • an expression of the role of captain of the my manifesto The ship’s charter is a document which contained the captain’s rules for the ship and matched the principles of conduct that were congruent with a captain’s values.
  • A Wisdom and Declaration statements for a lover of 18th Century History designed as an antiqued manuscript with script font, and for the Creative Expression, a bookmark, referencing a love of books and reading. A lovely quote from the Wisdom statement was featured on one side and their top ten book recommendations on other. A globe of the ancient world was the symbol chosen for the design.
  • A design in keeping with this client’s business concept. The same colours were adhered to in the Creative Expression, but the content was a poem or song lyric which arose from the words of their Wisdom.
  • an album cover of the 70’s era, reflecting their love of music
  • a medieval tale (a la Beowulf) which features the bold swashbuckling prose of the translations.
  • An image of a rural idyll, a metaphor from the Wisdom statement accompanied by a free verse form.

The Creative Expression is included in the Premium Experience package. It is a co-creation; the degree of input can vary with the client. It may be light and playful but also it must be meaningful to the client. It arose from the journey and is the final piece of the Experience. Exactly what is suggested is subjective to our coach and the client and reliant upon their passions and skill sets. It may be extremely simple – one word or a phrase with a mood or a visual – or more complex, like a poem. Our coach is available to workshop the concept with the client, and our designers have shown wonderful responsiveness to their individual preferences.

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