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Manifesto Musings

To Display or Not to Display

March 2022
— Reading Time: 2 minutes

Whilst this is not ‘the question’, it is certainly an important question we encourage each my manifesto mate to consider. 

In creating your manifesto, both your Personal Declaration and Personal Wisdom statements, have definitely been ‘designed with you in mind’.  The words have been carefully refined and crafted from your discovery conversation, and the graphic design has reflected your personality and your preferences.  Your final product is unique, individual, and personal. 

Having been ‘designed with you in mind’, as you receive your final product, it is time for it to work for you. It now needs to do its thing – inspire you, energise you, ground you, remind you, and more.  This is where the question comes into consideration, how do I best want to display my manifesto to help it truly do its ‘thing’ for me?    

From our experience, this is a very personal decision – there is no one right or wrong way – and there may well be a way that feels best at first, and this may change in the future. An overarching initial decision to be made is, how public or private would you like your statements to be?  

Not to display is generally linked to the decision to keep your manifesto private; it was designed for you, it resonates with you, and you are happy to be inspired by the words in relative privacy. Variations of ‘not to display’ may include: having it readily available on any of your devices (phone, ipad, computer) to call up at any point in time; having it printed and easily accessible in your journal or notebook and/or your bedside or study drawer.  You may even wish to print it but display it just in an area where you will be the only one to see it. 

Conversely, the choice of to display is generally linked to valuing other people seeing and sharing in your manifesto and having them understand what is important to you. This may also lead to others helping to support you in living your manifesto. Of course, other people, may simply be one other person, for example your partner, or it could be any friend or family member who happens to come into your home.  There are many ways of displaying your manifesto, including: hanging a canvas in your study; framing a print in your bedroom; setting a background on your computer; expressing a key phrase within a piece of jewelry; or having it printed on a coffee mug.          

The gallery on our website shows an ever-growing range of ways my manifesto mates have chosen to display their manifesto. Unfortunately, we are unable to show you the ways that people have chosen not to display their manifesto! 😊   

Enjoy determining the way your manifesto will best work for you at present and enjoy changing it up down the track if you would like to.   

In a nutshell, you do you! 😊 

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